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Doctors Discovered 27 Misplaced Contact Lenses in Woman’s Eye

Using contact lenses rather than using a pair of spectacle looks pretty decent for today’s generation. But handling the contact lens is of great importance. Doctors had conducted a cataract surgery of a 67-year-old woman last year. Something irritating she started experiencing in her right eye. When she consulted the doctor at Solihull Hospital, they found 27 contact lenses trapped to the blue mass of her eye.

According to Rupal Morjaria, a specialist trainee, contact lenses gives us a clear vision. However, taking intensive utmost care of your eye is also equally important. The old woman was lucky enough that her eye was safe. She did not face any sight intimidating problems. Doctors did not notice any kind of disturbance or irritation in her eye nor she complained about any exasperation while they performed the cataract surgery.

Initially, doctors found 17 lenses altogether but later after performing supplementary tests they discovered the other 10. “This has happened for the first in the history of cataract surgery. We have seen patients having difficulty in their sight with one or two lenses getting stuck but this is something extraordinary we have seen”, Morjaria uttered.

Woman’s left eye was perfectly alright. Morjaria guesses that woman had never consulted to an optometrist before coming to Solihull Hospital. Experiencing piercing and itchy pain, redness, and eye sensitivity to sunlight are some of the common symptoms related to trapping of eye lenses.

The research conducted by the scientists of New York University found that contamination of user’s eye by bacteria was more in individuals who wore a contact lens than others who did not opt for it. Hence, we should be careful while inserting the lenses in our eyes.

Keeping hands clean, using tap water to clean the lenses, and substituting them after some period of time are the tips the users can follow in order to get rid of the infection. Raising consciousness among the community who prefer contact lenses rather than specs should be the foremost priority.

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