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World’s First Wireless Charging Laptop Named Dell Latitude 7285 Priced At $1,750

Dell, the giant Texas-based computer manufacturer company have come with the world’s first wireless charging laptop dubbed as Dell Latitude 7285. But the users who are interested in purchasing this laptop which eradicates the need of charger has to pay an additional amount which is included in the device. Hence the overall Dell Latitude 7285 will cost you $1,750.

The Dell Latitude 7285 laptop was first launched during the CES 2017 which shows the enhanced specification and features of this laptop. The Dell Latitude 7285 flaunts its 12.3-inch display which is detachable and it will provide the user a wireless experience. The Dell Latitude 7285 is now available for sale and detailed specification can be seen on the company’s official website. Many users who wish to purchase this laptop will be surprised as Dell Latitude 7285 does not come with the wireless charging components. But the interesting thing is Dell, the expert computer maker has included the capacity of wireless charging via an attachable keyboard which is shipped along with the laptop.

The attachable keyboard has some limitations as you cannot use this keyboard on any metal surface. This attachable wireless charging keyboard has a wireless mat to charge the laptop which will charge $549.99 extra. Hence if you purchase the laptop along with the charging mat and the wireless charging keyboard the whole bundle will cost you $1,750 instead of $1,999.99 when purchased separately.

The Dell Latitude 7285 has huge 8 GB of RAM to provide enhanced speed and gaming experience along with integrated HD graphics. The wireless charging keyboard can extract the power from wireless charging mat and send it to the laptop for charging it.

The Dell Latitude 7285 runs on Intel Core i5 processor and will hit the market by August. The main reason behind the launch of such device by Dell was to provide complete wire free experience to the users which can enhance productivity and flexibility.

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