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With the help of Crispr, scientists succeeded in putting a horse gif into bacteria’s DNA

Technology has reached the height of sky today. The recent technology to hide the data has made every one of us stunned. The team of scientists is being successful in introducing an animated sticker of the horse into the DNA of bacteria E. Coli using Crispr. Crispr is a genome editing tool that helps in inserting the gif image into the DNA of bacteria.

The horse has been a great source of antibiotics, insulin, synthetic medications and cancer treatment drugs have motivated scientists to go with this technology. The DNA could now store a large number of images within it. Researchers inserted this image with the help of Crispr that transformed the pixels of the image into the vital building blocks of DNA i.e. the nucleotides.

The image was not introduced all at once. Instead, they created a number of sequences of the gif in the form of frames and kept on introducing the five frames for 5 days one on each day. Moreover, we stored the image in multiple bacteria instead of one, said scientist Seth Shipman from the University of Harvard. Technology has crossed lot many levels of success and today we are able to store the data in the DNA of the microorganism which is a huge achievement.

Scientists have chosen DNA as a storage as DNA hundred years older can be still obtained, extracted and sequenced in the laboratory. Till now, the scientist was using synthetic DNA for storage but this is the first they have used the DNA of a microorganism for storage. The major drawback is that natural organism DNA holds less data as compared to the artificial DNA.

It is comparatively difficult to store the information into the natural cell as live cells continuously change their shape and size and keep on splitting. Still, more research needs to be carried out as this synthesized DNA cannot store a large amount of information. Hence, it can’t be used for long term use.

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