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Veteran Army builds a pantry on his lawn to serve the hunger

A veteran man, Espinoza from Watertown, New York serves the needy with “blessing box” that contains a number of eatables and that too without imposing any charges. He has created a small pantry like structure that customers can access it 24/7 a day. They can either donate the items to the needy or receive the items from the box if they are needy. The items included in the blessing box are soap, dressing items, shampoos, toothpaste and many food items.

Espinoza attended a presentation day at a school from where he got this brilliant idea. He saw school serving pantry items to its indigent students free of cost. Initially, he thought he will provide just the food items in the packed cans but later he decided to include the toiletries and first aid products into the blessing box.

Espinoza said, “The pantry for is persevered by the public and used up the public itself.” “People with every age are welcomed to pick up the items from blessing box”, he further added. He denied receiving any donation in terms of money. His main intention behind placing this pantry is to create a kindness and support among his community.

Although this solution couldn’t last long it’s far better than doing nothing. The community should not hesitate to the pick the items from the box as all this is done for them. People who are below poverty line, the one who cannot afford to purchase even the food items the pantry could act as blessings for them. “These kinds of people should really go for it”, Espinoza voiced.

He will be placing the blessing box on his lawn for the entire day and night till the time people break accessing it whether it might be hot summer or chill winter. Weather doesn’t matter at all. ” the Watertown City of New York is going to become a city of blessing boxes in coming next five years”, he uttered.

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